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Give your students a voice

Bloum Engage is an award-winning student feedback platform for schools dedicated to fostering a supportive and responsive learning environment.

Capture Student Sentiment

Elevate student wellbeing and academic achievement through student feedback. Allow students to share their thoughts and feelings on a variety of aspects such as well-being, classroom climate, and engagement through rich, qualitative feedback.

Adult and student

Deepen Understandings

Support educators with a deeper understanding of each student’s experience, fostering personalised support and interventions. Allow schools to truly listen to their students, adapt to their needs, and empower them to thrive in every aspect of their education journey.

Explore four of the platform's most popular content modules

Schools can choose to leverage these themes or develop their own custom domains to align closely with their unique goals and the specific needs of their student body. 

Student Wellbeing

Emphasises holistic student health, spotlighting emotional, mental, and physical wellbeing, alongside safety and anti-bullying measures, to foster a positive educational atmosphere. Learn More

Teaching Effectiveness

Evaluates the educational setting's intellectual climate, focusing on academic rigor, student engagement, enrichment, and support structures to ensure academic success and improved teacher practice.


Measures the school's success in creating a diverse, accepting environment where every student feels valued and connected, enhancing community and peer interaction.

Future Readiness

Assesses how schools prepare students for future challenges, focusing on career preparation, family involvement, digital fluency, resource access, and broadening extracurricular engagements.

Take the bespoke approach

Alternatively, Bloum Engage can be tailored to transform your school into a thriving hub of engaged, supported, and successful students through customised module content designed specifically for your needs

Increased Relevance

Capture your school's unique cultural and community values in module content to enhance relevance and make insights more meaningful for your purpose.

Optimised Resources

Customisation allows your school to deep dive and concentrate efforts to support the most pressing issues identified in previous feedback sessions.

Enhanced Engagement

By focusing on areas of particular concern or interest to the school community, Bloum Engage yields higher participation rates from students, providing richer, more actionable insights.

Continuous Improvement

Customisation facilitate ongoing adjustments based on evolving school priorities and emerging trends, promoting a culture of continuous improvement and adaptability.

Easy for students to use

The feedback capture process offered by Bloum Engage is designed to be quick and simple for any student to use. 

Check-in can occur on any device with a web browser.

Check-in can be as quick as just 3 minutes, depending on the content chosen by the school.

Bloum scheduled emails remind students of their opportunity to reflect, and develop coping abilities and emotional understanding through checking in.

Regular encouragement to check in by group/mentor teachers helps keep students engaged.

Students are given total control of when and how they want to hold conversations about their wellbeing.

Time saving for staff

Bloum Engage handles all the administration of capturing and collating student feedback so your leaders and educators can focus on what they do best.

Automated distribution and collection of surveys, eliminating manual paperwork

Instant collation and categorisation of feedback responses

Built in visual reports and insights allowing educators to quickly grasp tends and areas of improvement

Prebuilt survey templates based on industry research

Data sync with Wonde so students, staff and classes are always up to date

Why Bloum Engage?

Use Bloum Engage to understand and enhance the student experience at your school. With our innovative approach, you’ll dive deep into the heart of your school’s culture and emerge with actionable insights that drive real change.

Unlock the Power of Student Voice

Our unique statement-based check-ins cut through the noise, giving students a powerful platform to express their true feelings about safety, learning, and well-being.

Empower Through Knowledge

When challenges arise, Bloum Engage doesn't just highlight the issue – it uncovers the 'why.' Our customisable list of influencers reveals the root causes behind student sentiments, empowering you to act decisively.

Dynamic and Adaptable

From Grade 4 to Year 12, our feedback check-ins speak the language of your students, ensuring every voice is heard, every nuance captured.

Data That Drives Change

Regular, scheduled check-ins offer a pulse on your school's climate, providing a stream of data that charts progress, informs interventions, and celebrates successes.

Two Formats, Endless Insights

Bloum Engage can facilitate check-ins that lay the foundation, identifying broad areas for focus, or facilitate check-ins that keep you in tune with the evolving school dynamics, ensuring continuous improvement is always within reach.

Your Partner in Progress

We stand with you, translating survey findings into strategic actions that foster a supportive, engaging, and safe educational environment for every student.

Let's get started capturing and measuring student feedback at your school

“Bloum Engage enhances insights for educators and helps our students to highlight areas that are affecting their wellbeing. This holistic approach empowers our staff to have informed conversations with individual students.”

Nella Cirillo

Assistant Principal Wellbeing @ CRCNK

"Our students appreciate the opportunity to share how they feel and express interest in talking to someone when needed. School staff find that Bloum Engage provides them with the information they need to inform positive conversations." Stephanie Banks

Stephanie Banks - DP Wellbeing

Caroline Chisholm Catholic College


Up to 999 students

$ 6,900 Annual Subscription

Between 1000 and 1799 students

$ 9,850 Annual Subscription

1800 students and above

$ 13,700 Annual Subscription

A variable integration fee might be considered depending on the amount of integrations needed and the school’s systems complexity