Enhance student growth through learning analytics

Learning analytics improve teacher confidence, drive student growth, enhance parent visibility, and shape higher leadership strategy.

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Bloum is an award-winning learning analytics platform specifically built for Australian schools. Our product was recognised for its creativity and innovation at the ARN Innovation Awards 2021.

  • Intuitive, efficient and easy to use
  • Empower teachers and leaders with hidden insights
  • Visualise each student’s learning journey
  • Predictive analysis to forecast future trends

Why is a learning analytics platform necessary?

Contemporary educational research shows data-driven pedagogy results in better student outcomes, and data-driven leadership teams can direct resources to support their staff more effectively.

However, we know that data can be notoriously tricky and time-consuming for teachers and leadership teams to use.

This is where we come in: Bloum exists to help teachers access, interpret, and utilise data in the most accessible way possible. There’s no need for time-consuming manual input or complex data manipulation.

Designed with appealingly simple visual representations of all data, Bloum helps everyone in your school support student growth.

How does Bloum help your school?

Empower teachers with one data source

Bloum automatically aggregates all school data into one platform — academic results, NAPLAN results, ACER PAT tests, attendance data, and more. It converts raw data into visualised information and ready-to-use insights. All teachers can then leverage data to inform their classroom practice.

Catch students slipping through the gaps

Bloum’s suggested interventions shows potential issues in real-time, like high performers who stagnate and low performers who improve — two groups that are usually overlooked. With Bloum’s insights, each student can get the help they deserve.

See personal learning journeys for all students

Every student is unique, and they deserve a personalised learning journey. Bloum has an in-depth page for each student in your school showing data for all subjects, growth trends, attendance, and cohort comparisons. You can easily identify correlations across the student’s journey.

Key features

Automatic real-time updates

With automatic real-time updates, teachers no longer need to waste countless hours manually inputting data into old-fashioned spreadsheets.

Leadership insights

School leaders can easily compare growth and performance for all learning areas, subjects, cohorts, classes and students, allowing for richer strategic, data-driven conversations at a leadership level.

Data visualisation

Appealing and engaging visuals help teachers of all backgrounds understand the data at their disposal and then apply it to the classroom.

ACER PAT and Allwell integration

Bloum integrates with your school’s ACER PAT and Allwell results, giving your school one convenient location for all relevant data.

Attendance data

Our attendance data allows you to see each student’s missed classes and reasons for absence. It highlights students below minimum attendance rates and those with a recent drop in attendance.

NAPLAN conversion

Bloum converts NAPLAN Scale Scores into innovative, easy-to-understand metrics and adds advanced capabilities such as state and national comparisons.

Predicted end-of-semester results

Our platform uses predictive analytics to forecast end-of-semester student and class performance. Teachers can nurture a more holistic, growth-focused classroom.

Certified data security

We adhere to internationally recognised security standards including ISO 27001. We store all data in compliance-certified Australian data centres.

100% Australian built

Bloum is specifically built for Australian schools. Our 100% Australian team includes former teachers with first-hand classroom knowledge.

Bloum integrates with leading platforms you already use, getting you up and running quickly and easily.

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