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Transform student learning and wellbeing through evidence

Bloum’s student feedback and analytics platforms equip educators with deep insights, create and foster meaningful dialogue, and inspire collaborative action for transformative educational outcomes.

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Bloum Engage

Bloum Engage transforms the landscape of student wellbeing and learning by providing educators and school leaders with a dynamic platform to gather deep, qualitative insights into students’ emotional and academic experiences through customisable feedback check-ins. 


Bloum Analytics

Bloum Analytics empowers schools by simplifying the analysis of academic and attendance data, enabling a holistic understanding of student performance. Bloum reveals the path for educators to make informed decisions, enhancing the academic journey of each student. 

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Valuable Insights

Our unique statement-based check-ins cut through the noise, giving students a powerful platform to express their true feelings about safety, learning, and wellbeing.

Identify Trends

Track student performance and feedback over time allowing educators and leaders to observe trends, measure the impact of interventions, and make informed decisions to support student growth effectively.

Customisable Feedback Capture

Bloum introduces a first to market ability to customise the content of feedback check-ins, enabling schools to tailor questions to their specific needs and priorities.

Holistic Approach​

Combine academic assessment, wellbeing, attendance, feedback and other key student data in one platform to achieve a single source of truth for teachers to meet the needs of learners.

Take advantage of consulting experts with 15+ years of expertise

Our expert consulting team will guide the implementation of the platform to ensure you can maximise its benefits.

Our mission

We harness the power of evidence based insights for educators and leaders to better nurture and support their students. Our goal is to enhance academic outcomes, foster a passion for lifelong learning, and empower educators to shape success stories.


Up to 999 students

$ 6,900 Annual Subscription

Between 1000 and 1799 students

$ 9,850 Annual Subscription

1800 students and above

$ 13,700 Annual Subscription

A variable integration fee might be considered depending on the amount of integrations needed and the school’s systems complexity

Frequently asked questions

Yes, Bloum is a robust platform that ingests data from multiple sources. Our partnership with Wonde allows seamless integration with a schools SIS/SMS to keep school structure and timetable data up to date in our platform. 

Yes, absolutely. We adhere to internationally recognised standards including ISO 27001. We store all data in compliance-certified Australian data centres.

We comply with internationally recognised security standards including ISO 27001. Bloum’s data is safely stored in high-security data centres in Australia.

We need to spend a few weeks with your IT team to make sure we are considering the relevant data you have in your school system. Schools can generally start using Bloum one term after they make the decision to implement it.