Better engage your students and get more done

The Bloum platform utilises your existing student data and machine learning to give you a better view of your student's performance and predict future results. See it in action!


Unify your data into one dashboard

Collate all your student data points into one dashboard to enhance your strategic view. With a reliable, holistic view you can align your learning, operational and structural decisions to align with providing enhanced student outcomes.


Easily visualise school, year, class and student performance

All Bloum dashboards utilise a simple traffic light based UI, allowing you to easily identify areas of concern and drill into your data to identify areas of interest.


Track student wellbeing

With access to attendance and performance data, Bloum tracks student sentiment and engagement, allowing you to intervene earlier and ensure positive student outcomes.

The only platform you need to boost student outcomes

Bloum integrates with your Student Management System in real time, allowing you to jump in at any time and get a snapshot of where students are at and where they are going.

Bloum utilises a simple traffic light system to identify performance, allowing you to drill down from a year level’s performance, to an individual student’s assessment results.

Bloum only requires a single agent installer. Data is synched to the cloud, meaning no manual imports, no extra infrastructure required, freeing up your IT staff.

Bloum supports single sign on, and all data is encrypted in our secure, Australian data centres.


Bloum integrates easily with leading platforms you already use, getting you up and running quickly and easily. Our list of integrations is growing all the time.

"Bloum has really changed the way use data, allowing us to have richer discussions with our students in regards to their performance."

— Marc Scott, School Principal, SchoolName

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