Utilise the power of multiple learning dimensions to maximise student growth

Bloum utilises academic, wellbeing, attendance and standardised testing data to create a holistic view of the school and individual students.

From day 1, ingest data from existing sources and harness the power of Bloum

Bloum extends the power of your current LMS and SIS/SAS systems by discovering hidden insights in your data and enabling visibility across the whole school.

A focus on student wellbeing

Bloum takes student, teacher, parental and councillor input and identifies when intervention is required before students are negatively impacted.

Find clarity when you need it most

Utilising advanced computing techniques, such as machine learning, Bloum identifies problematic areas and suggest interventions to ensure optimal student outcomes.

Empower your staff with innovative tools

Enable staff at every level to make confident decisions using real-time information. Use standard schooling metrics, such as Z-Scores, Rubrics, and Stanines to read growth and performance insights.

Ready to go straight out of the box

Bloum tells you everything you need to know with the ability to analyse further. No customization required and no added overhead to your IT staff.

Learn the direction forward

Bloum identifies the most suitable learning pathways for students maximizing the potential for success.

Continuous improvement

Bloum is built on a modern, cloud-based technology stack so it can easily scale to meet the ever changing needs of your school. User feedback fuels the continuous improvement of Bloum keeping it at the forefront of education.

All-encompassing security

Bloum meets rigorous security standards and all data is stored in compliance certified Australian data centres. Application level security controls and ensures user access and visibility across the school staff hierarchy.

Stay local

Bloum is Australian based and built by educators so when you need support, our team is speaking your language.

Easy as 1-2-3

From Single Sign-On support through to the end user experience, Bloum has been designed with ease of use as a core focus.

Bloum integrates with leading platforms you already use, getting you up and running quickly and easily.

Request a Demo

Get in touch for a demo of Bloum and start converting your student data into meaningful insights.