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Empowering student voices: 7 reasons why Bloum Engage is the premier feedback tool for schools

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Standard survey tools capture high-level responses for possible consideration. What they don’t do is truly engage.

For schools looking to improve student wellbeing, enhance academic outcomes, and foster a positive school culture, you need an effective feedback mechanism.

Bloum Engage is an integrated learning and wellbeing growth platform uniquely suited for educational settings. Students provide structured feedback on their experiences at school in areas such as wellbeing, learning experiences, classroom environment, religious connection, bullying/safety, and extracurricular engagement. Educators then easily identify where the school and its students are performing, and where improvements need to be made.

Need more convincing? Here are 7 reasons Bloum Engage is the premier choice for schools.

  1. Educational customisation: SurveyMonkey, Google Forms and Microsoft Forms offer broad functionality for creating and distributing various types of surveys. But they are not specifically tailored to capture the nuanced, qualitative insights that are crucial for understanding student wellbeing and engagement at a deeper level. Bloum Engage is designed to meet the specific needs of the educational sector. It captures detailed, qualitative feedback from engaged students, therefore also capturing the subtleties of student experiences and emotions in the results – important for identifying appropriate and effective actions for improvement.
  2. Qualitative results: Bloum Engage provides a richer, more nuanced understanding of student wellbeing and performance. Its qualitative focus helps with identifying specific areas of concern, understanding student sentiment, and tailoring interventions to individual or group needs.
  3. Integration with school systems: Bloum Engage’s seamless integration with your school’s timetabling system ensures that results are easily accessible and actionable. Educators are provided with a comprehensive view of student wellbeing beyond mere numerical scores, with feedback linking to specific students and contextual factors within the school environment.
  4. Tailored visuals: Teachers can easily interpret feedback results with visual cues to help. School leaders can also identify broader patterns and trends in wellbeing and student sentiment, which could help prevent issues from escalating.
  5. Predictive analytics and qualitative trends: the platform’s predictive analytics further helps school leaders to identify emerging trends in student sentiment and wellbeing, which can then lead to effective, proactive interventions.
  6. Student wellbeing prioritised: Student wellbeing is a complex, multifaceted issue. Bloum Engage goes beyond numerical scores to capture the entirety of a student’s experience, enabling a holistic approach to student support.
  7. Enhanced engagement: Bloum Engage facilitates a deeper engagement with students, encouraging them to share their thoughts and feelings in their own words. This approach fosters a sense of being heard and valued, contributing to a positive school culture.

Schools can generally start using Bloum one term after they make the decision to implement it. This gives us time to work together to truly personalise the platform for you, and have it capturing students’ voices in the areas most relevant to your school, and its progression.

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